My AC is Blowing Hot Air

My AC is Blowing Hot Air

My AC is Blowing Hot Air

We get calls all throughout the summer “My AC is blowing hot air!” Let’s go over some potential reasons why your AC may not be cooling down your home the way you need it to. Temperature Humidity Air Quality Solutions is well-equipped to take on any job!

Dirty Air Filters

When your air filters are blocked up with dust, dirt, and grime, you reduce the air flow coming from your unit. When the air cannot flow through properly, the compressor locks up and no more cooled air is being pushed through.

Issues with AC Refrigerant

Do you see any ice on the refrigerant line? If so, you’re likely low on freon. The evaporated coil will become too cold and it forces the liquid refrigerant away. You may also have a leak in the line, causing the refrigerant to leak out. If this happens, you’ll need a repair!

The Coils Are Dirty

Condenser coils get dirty as they are cooling the refrigerant during the cooling process. Dirt is absorbed from the air and is cleaned during your yearly AC tune up. That’s why getting your unit maintained each spring is so important! To increase the life of your air conditioning system, make sure to sign up for a maintenance plan.

When Your AC is Blowing Hot Air

When your AC is not working properly, it’s always a cause for concern and you’ll need to make sure you call professional HVAC experts so the problem doesn’t continue to get worse. Temperature Humidity Air Quality Solutions (or THAQ Solutions) is ready to help! Just give us a call when you need us.