Just installing an air conditioner in your home or commercial establishment is not enough. Infact, it is just the beginning of a long journey. Once installed, the air conditioner will require regular maintenance and servicing to provide great performance for a long time without any hassles. In case there are any problems, repairs of the parts need to be done too. During AC installation in Corpus Christi, TX, professionals will tell you many things about AC maintenance and servicing. But still, there are many things that you don’t know about AC maintenance and repair costs. This article will discuss these points so that you don’t miss out on anything related to your air conditioner.

Maintenance Costs of Air Conditioners

If you want to avoid expensive repairs of the air conditioner, the best thing to do is to schedule professional maintenance of the machine annually. This maintenance and servicing are best done in the springtime, just before the onset of summer. This prepares the machine for summers. Even during peak time, the machine will perform at its best without the need for repairs and without high electricity bills. With preventive maintenance, manufacturer warranty remains intact, and the performance and lifespan of the cooling system is enhanced manifold.

For a professional air conditioner tune-up, you will need to pay about $70 – $120. Sometimes, the HVAC contractor might offer seasonal discounts. Keep an eye on the contractor or visit his office to know in details about any coupons, offers or discounts given on AC maintenance.

However, the decision of maintenance shouldn’t be made based on pricing only. It is important to find out what will be included in the tune-up process of the AC. There are companies that omit some services. Choose companies that offer the majority of the services in the tune-up. Before scheduling the service, it is good to do complete research on the company you are hiring for the maintenance work. Taking up an air conditioner maintenance plan is the best thing to do if you want regular servicing at affordable rates.

Repair Costs of Air Conditioners

When it comes to the costs of repairs of an air conditioner, you will see that the expenses vary. This is because the cost will be dependent on the kind of repair that is needed. While some of the repairs can be fixed at the spot, some might need full AC replacement in Corpus Christi, TX or partial replacement of various components. For central AC repairs, the average cost is about $200 – $400. However, some repair works might be more expensive like recharging refrigerant, installing new AC drain pans, replacing condenser coils, replacing compressor, repairing refrigerant leak, etc. Repair costs also vary from one company to another. Some companies also charge a service fee, while some companies waive it off.

Contact a local HVAC company and take the quotation for the maintenance and repair of AC. Compare this with other companies and make the final decision.

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