Do You Know What Type of Maintenance is Required For a Furnace?

Your furnace needs to be well maintained for it to operate efficiently. Homeowners can take certain steps to keep their furnaces in good working condition. We’ll discuss what you need to do to maintain your furnace, so it keeps working.

Maintenance Checklist for Heating Systems

The following items should be done at least once a year to help prolong the life of your furnace.

  • Replace your air filter every three months.
  • Keeping the burners clean and monitoring the flame.
  • CO detector and heat exchanger need to be inspected.
  • Lubricate the inducer fans and blower.
  • Maintain a clean humidifier.
  • Electric wiring and control systems must be inspected.
  • Make sure the thermostat is working properly.
  • Make sure the registers and ductwork are cleaned.

Maintenance of Furnace Air Filters

To protect your home’s air, air filters filter out dirt, dust, and other contaminants. Filters are located in furnace return air ducts, where a fan pulls air in.

You should change the air filter on your furnace at least once every three months. Your goal is to replace it every one to two months. You need to ensure that the furnace accepts pleated filters since they introduce a greater pressure drop.

Maintenance of The Furnace Burners

In a furnace, the burner burns gas to create a flame. Carbon and soot accumulate on burners very easily due to the combustion of gas. Regularly check the burner assembly of the furnace to ensure it is clean and operating properly.

Before checking its burners, you should turn off your furnace’s power and gas. If your furnace is on, avoid working on it while it is running. You can now access the interior of your furnace by removing the cover panel.

Maintenance of the Furnace Heat Exchanger

Although most furnace heat exchanger maintenance should be left to the pros, you should do a routine check and make sure everything is working properly. Start by shutting off the power and gas to your furnace. To access the furnace’s mechanical components, you must remove the access panel. See the heat exchangers behind the burner once inside the furnace. Make sure there is no excessive corrosion or rust.

Maintenance of the Carbon Monoxide Detector

Your home’s occupants are at risk from a damaged heat exchanger. The gas that goes into your home from a cracked heat exchanger is poisonous. When you have a furnace, a CO (carbon monoxide) detector is important to have.

Regularly testing your CO detectors is important – at least once a month. Be sure to replace the batteries on your CO detector every six months. Scheduling furnace maintenance is as easy as a phone call or click. You can schedule service with THAQ Solutions whenever it is convenient for you. Furthermore, we will arrive on time with all the tools and equipment necessary for the job. Your feedback is greatly appreciated.

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