10 No-Cost Ways to Improve Air Conditioning Efficiency

Improving air conditioning efficiency reduces your energy bills! Services in AC repair Corpus Christi, tx, have come up with a few steps to follow at home to increase ac efficiency considerably.

1. Replace or Clean the Air Filter in your Air Conditioner

Cleaning or replacing air filters monthly improves the performance of your air conditioner. The air quality is reduced by a clogged filter, which makes the AC work harder. The replacement of an air filter can reduce energy consumption to a small extent.

2. Maintain the Coolness and Cleanliness of your Compressor

Put the compressor in a cool, shady location if possible. Additionally, keep weeds, plants, and debris away from the unit, and keep the coils on the rear of the unit clean.

3. Keep the Sun at Bay

If your property receives direct sunshine, it can significantly impact your cooling. So make sure to shade your windows, especially if they face east or west. It is preferable to shade your window from the outside, but internal shading is also effective. Keeping curtains and blinds closed will help retain cold air inside in summer.

4. Heat types of Equipment

Lamps and other heat-producing items should be kept away from your thermostat. Keeping heat-generating appliances close to your thermostat will signal that the air in your home needs to be cooled more, leading the system to run longer and work harder than it has to.

5. Clear out the Drain Line

Keeping your drain line free helps keep your basement from flooding if the drain becomes clogged.

6. Maintain a Clean and Debris-Free Vent System

Keep your vents clean and clear to guarantee that your system runs well. Examine your ducts for any dust or other debris clogging them. Take your time clearing out this material to ensure that airflow through the vents remains consistent. Keep the vents obstacle-free and move the toys and furniture left in front of it.

7. Heat-Producing Equipment in Peak Hour

Avoid using your oven, dryer, or heat-producing equipment, mainly electronics, during the day’s hottest hours. When you use your dryer, warm air is taken into your home, and when you use your oven, warm air is added to your home, forcing your air conditioner to work harder. Or move them away to a different room where your cooling will not be affected.

8. Skylights

Skylights can be good sources of free heat in the winter, and they are a good source of heat in summer as well!! Consider covering them to save money. Skylights are an unnoticed factor in high energy bills in the summer.

9. Utilize Fan

Use the ceiling fan to circulate air, ensuring even hot and cold air distribution. It takes a load off your air conditioner as well.

10. Moisture

Try to produce less moisture on the hottest day. Clean out the gutters to prevent moisture build-up in vents. Use an exhaust fan for moisture-inducing activities. Humidity tends to overwork your air conditioner.

Increased Efficiency, Lower Energy Bills

Following the steps to have an efficient ac system will save you a lot of repair costs and your energy bill! Scheduled maintenance Corpus Christi air conditioning repair will help you catch more prominent faults in the budding stage. Call for scheduled service at (361) 287-7032.

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