How Often Should you Clean your Air Conditioner Filter?

With global warming, summers are becoming hotter by the year. With the heat at its peak, air conditioners are not a luxury anymore. It has become a necessity for a comfortable life. Just buying an AC is not enough. Such electrical items need to be serviced and maintained from time to time to get their optimum performance. So if you are looking for air conditioning maintenance in Aransas Pass, do not worry!

What is AC Servicing?

AC servicing is cleaning the air filters where all the dust particles get accumulated. Whether the AC has been running all year through or you have only turned it on during high heat season, the filters gather particles that affect the performance of the AC. 

What are the Consequences of a Dirty Filter?

It reduces the cooling efficiency: When the filter is dirty, it blocks the airflow and affects productivity. Cleaning it helps in a free flow of air to ensure the cooling to its best.

It hinders healthy air: Most HVAC filters are devised to strain unhealthy air particles like pollens, allergens, etc. If the filter is not cleaned, it does not sieve out those air particles, making the air around the room unhealthy. A clean filter is organized to keep away these particles, giving you healthy air to breathe.

Decreases the life of your air conditioner: A dirty filter increases the depreciation of the machine. When the wear and tear of a machine increases, the possibility of major damages increases. This can lead to high repair costs or even the need for replacement.

Can Dirty Filters Lead to Air Conditioner Repairs?

When air filters have been clogged for a long time, they can lead to pressing damage. If the filter is dirty for a long time, the machine cannot cool easily, putting pressure on the motor. This may have serious implications. Do not worry. If you need air conditioner repairs in Aransas Pass, we are here.

The Golden Question: How Often Do We Get our AC Filters Cleaned?

Most recognized AC brands recommend that the indoor unit’s filter be cleaned every fortnight. The steps to clean the filter at home are easy. You need to take out the filter and clean it with high-pressured running water. Ensure that all the dirt is scrubbed away before completely drying it and fitting it back into the machine.

If the unit is still not cooling, call for professional help. Also, professional cleaning of the entire machine needs to be cleaned thoroughly every season. This ensures the high longevity of the unit and also the highest efficiency.

Where is the Best Place to Get Air Conditioning Maintenance in Aransas Pass?

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