Does Your Furnace Really Need A Yearly Inspection?

Furnaces are heavy-duty appliances and owing to this characteristic there always remains the possibility of components not functioning properly. This could mean your furnace breaking down or starting to show signs of damage or malfunction.

Even the Furnace companies suggest that the owner must perform an annual inspection to ensure furnaces are in good condition and to reassure durability.

You may be questioning what if the inspection was not performed correctly, and now you cannot claim a warranty.

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So What Do Experts Or Technicians Do To Your Furnace To Tune It?

When proceeding to perform a check-up on your furnace, it is important to make sure the experts or the technicians are reliable and from a reputable company. Unless you want to risk your furnace facing more post damage.

There are no set standards for furnace repairs, therefore it all depends on who you have chosen to perform the inspection on your furnaces.

There are no set standards for furnace inspections or repairs, therefore it greatly depends from company to company and services will vary according to the companies. It is really important to select a reliable or reputable furnace repair Corpus Christi TX expert or technician.

However, there are some criteria provided by the furnace manufacturers and things to consider during an inspection. Let us look at what these mentions are :

  1. Make sure to check your ventilation system and that there is no blockage or leakage.
  2. Check the burners for better ignition and efficient burner flame.
  3. Make sure the heat exchanger is checked for corrosion or rust.
  4. Check the wirings to make sure there is no corrosion or rust that could lead to short circuits and in the worse case lead to a complete shutdown of your unit.
  5. The filters are to be checked and replaced frequently and not wait until the annual inspection so always consider having your filters checked and replaced.
  6. It is necessary to inspect the drainage system for leaks and blockages. This also applies to the furnace’s internal hoses. Cleaning the condensate drain and trap is necessary, as is refilling the trap with water.
  7. Also, check the heat exchanger for possible corrosion.

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