Reasons Your AC Makes Knocking Sound

During the summer, our air conditioner keeps us cool and comfortable indoors. Modern air conditioners produce little or no noise due to technological advancements. So, when homeowners hear loud and disturbing noises coming from their system, something is wrong with it. Turn off the system and contact a competent HVAC technician for AC service in Robstown so it can run more efficiently and effectively.

Ignoring the knocking sounds might aggravate the system’s state and cause further damage, resulting in costly repairs. While most air conditioners will generate a mild humming noise while they’re working, anything out of the norm can cause concern. Noises like knocking and clunking are highly unpleasant and signify a severe condition.

If your Air Conditioner is Making a Knocking Noise, the Problem Could Be One of the Following:

The Compressor has Something Trapped Within It

  • Because your AC compressor unit is outside, small things like twigs and acorns can fall inside. If this occurs and the object gets in the way of the fan, the fan will strike it.
  • According to experts providing AC service in Robstown, this could result in knocking or banging sounds depending on the object’s material.

The Blower is Broken

  • Central air conditioners use a blower to force air through your ductwork, which is effectively a fan.

  • When your blower is malfunctioning, you may hear various weird noises coming from your air conditioner, including pounding and slamming.

Dirty Filter

  • A clogged filter is another issue that might cause the system to generate a knocking noise. Filters that are not replaced or cleaned regularly risk becoming clogged with dirt and debris.

  • It puts a load on the blower motor, resulting in knocking noises. To guarantee optimal system function, the filters must be cleaned or replaced.

Loose Parts

  • Knocking noises usually occur from the outdoor condenser unit and indicate that the crankshaft, piston pin, or one or more support springs or screws are loose or damaged.

  • The fan or one of its blades may be loose at times. The fan blades may collide with other compressor sections, resulting in a loud knocking noise. Some pieces may become loose due to wear and tear, resulting in a pounding or rattling sound.

  • In some instances, a compressor replacement is required, while in others, the loose parts can be fastened or replaced by a professional.

Debris Accumulated in the Outdoor Unit

  • Debris such as dried leaves, twigs, dust, and grime can clog the outside AC unit. External objects that land within the container make rattling or knocking noises.

  • If not removed, they might cause severe damage to the system. Hire a professional to thoroughly clean the unit from the inside out and inspect it for any damage.

The homeowner should be concerned if the air conditioner makes a loud or unusual knocking sound. Contact a licensed HVAC specialist for AC installation in Robstown to avoid minor difficulties becoming severe emergency concerns and have the system diagnosed by a knowledgeable technician. Regular air conditioner maintenance can help homeowners discover problems early, save money on energy bills, and assure optimal system operation.

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