What Are The Common Causes Of Air Conditioner Failures?

The most common reason for ac unit problems, particularly early in the summer, is a lack of preventative maintenance.
If you’re like most households, you probably don’t give much thought to your air conditioner. Temperature humidity and air quality solutions understand that air conditioners are often overlooked until they fail or require servicing. We’ve put up a guide sheet on the most common reasons for ac unit failure.

The Following are Some of the Most Prevalent Causes of Air Conditioner Failure:

  • The circuit breaker in your house has tripped.
  • Your thermostat is not functioning correctly.
  • Your air filter is blocked and must be cleaned.

Some Other Causes for Air Conditioner Failure

Failure to do a Yearly Maintenance

Annual maintenance is critical to the functioning of your air conditioner. A certified technician can detect possible problems before they occur. Your air conditioning coils should be cleaned and your system inspected as part of your annual maintenance. Failure to maintain your equipment may potentially void the guarantee provided by the manufacturer.

The Coil has Frozen

Airflow issues in your system might be caused by dirty air filters or clogged ducting, resulting in a frozen coil. Cleaning or changing your air filter regularly and keeping your ductwork clean are two essential principles to avoid a frozen coil.

Leak of Refrigerant

Since refrigerant is environmentally hazardous, a professional technician should fix and refill any leak.

Many individuals do not change their air filters, which can cause the unit to freeze up due to a lack of ventilation. We must ensure that such filters are updated or at the very least examined every thirty days.

The contactor is another typical malfunction that we observe. It’s similar to a light switch; it either works or doesn’t. If it becomes stuck, it might cause the compressor to fail, which can be a big issue.

Because of the humidity in our location, water leaks are common. Water leaks may be highly damaging, causing ceilings to collapse and other problems.

Compressors, air cleaners, electrical connections, or contacts that have been damaged. When an air conditioner compressor fails, it is frequently the result of an underlying issue that stresses the system, such as dirty coils, low refrigerant, electrical difficulties, etc.

Annual maintenance frequently detects worn and broken parts before they require emergency repairs.

A circuit breaker or fuse failure. When your air conditioner breaks, one of the first things you should check is your circuit breaker or fuse. Allow your air conditioner to cool for 15 minutes before replacing the fuse or resetting the breaker.

Suppose you’ve explored these concerns and discovered that none of them are causing your air conditioner to fail. In that case, you should contact an air conditioning specialist like Temperature humidity and air quality solutions. Get in touch with us if your air conditioner needs to be repaired or you need ac installation at Odem and surrounding places.

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