Symptoms Of A Bad AC Compressor

Regular maintenance is essential to prolong the life of your electrical appliances, including your AC system. Regular maintenance prevents the breakdown of your system and ensures maximum efficiency. Sometimes your AC unit may encounter some repairs due to a faulty compressor.

An AC compressor is responsible for pulling out the heat from your home and circulating the refrigerant that is needed to keep your house cool with the help of evaporator coils. The compressor functions on short cycles that can cause wear and tear. A fault compressor causes the fluctuation of the temperatures inside your home and inefficient cooling. If there is any fault with the compressor, this can cause issues with the rest of the unit.

Signs That Indicate a Faulty Compressor

1. Weird noises

Your AC unit is supposed to have a silent operation. If you are experiencing weird noises while the AC is operating, there can be a possibility of a faulty compressor. If you experience any such situations, reach out for any AC repair in Corpus Christi, TX, immediately.

2. Fluctuating temperatures

The AC compressor is responsible for circulating the refrigerant inside the AC unit. If you experience higher or fluctuating temperatures, this indicates that either the refrigerant is low or that the compressor needs to be changed.

3. Moisture leakages

The compressor converts the warm air of your home to cooler air. In case the compressor is not working efficiently, it causes the refrigerant to leak out of the AC unit. This is a serious health concern and must be taken seriously.

4. The compressor is not turning on

If you notice that your AC unit is not providing sufficient cooling or that the temperature is fluctuating, this indicates that there is a problem with your AC compressor. In such situations, go outside and examine the condition of your condensing unit. If you cannot hear the compressor running, this can be an issue.

5. Higher utility bills
A faulty compressor causes the AC unit to spend more energy to convert the hot air to cooler air. This causes extra energy consumption and results in higher utility bills. A sudden rise in electricity bills can be an indication of a faulty AC unit.

6. MCB tripping

If you experience the circuit breaker tripping often while your AC unit is functioning, this can be a problem. This happens when the AC unit is overheating or drawing too much electricity to function. In such cases, check the compressor and get it replaced immediately.

7. Poor airflow

This is one of the many early warnings of a faulty compressor. To check this, place your hand near the air vents and if you notice not enough air is being supplied, call in a professional for help.

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