Reasons Your Home’s AC Isn’t Keeping You Cool Enough

Everyone expects their air conditioner to keep them cool. However, an air conditioner does not always keep half of the agreement. It happens when your air conditioner isn’t adequately prepared for the summer.

6 Causes for Your Air Conditioner Not Cooling Your Home

1. Your Thermostat is Incorrectly Set

It is the easiest item to examine. It’s also the simplest to repair. Depending on the type of thermostat we have, merely turning it on does not ensure that you will get cool air. It might just be causing air to blow in without the air conditioner being turned on.

The next step is to clean your condenser. If you don’t have a protective cover for your condenser, this will take longer. Wipe away any filth or grime with a pail of water and a little soap. Take extreme caution, especially near the condenser blades: you’ll have a whole new problem if they break.

2. The Air Filter in the Furnace is Clogged

The air handler in your furnace is what pulls the air from your AC into your house. However, it must first pass through the furnace air filter.

Usually, this is not an issue. You enjoy the desired incredible comfort, and particles are contained in the filter, resulting in pure and clean air. It’s a win-win situation.
However, an air filter has a limited capacity.

Clogging is unavoidable if you never update or clean it. The less air that goes through, the more congested it becomes. Replacing your air filter is a task that you can complete independently. If it’s a reusable filter, you need a little soap and water to clean it. Remember to let it thoroughly dry before reinstalling it.

3. A Refrigerant Leak has Occurred

This is a severe matter that experts should address. The refrigerant takes heat from the air and circulates it between the evaporator and the condenser. When there is insufficient refrigerant, your air conditioner cannot efficiently chill your home.

If you suspect a refrigerant leak or AC Repair in Portland TX, switch off your air conditioner immediately and contact a professional in Portland TX or nearby.

4. There is a Faulty Motor or Compressor

There are several moving parts in an air conditioner. Occasionally, one or two of those components will fail.

5. There are Leaks in your Ductwork

Your central air conditioner uses your ductwork to distribute air throughout your house.

6. But did you Realize that your Ducting might be Interfering with your AC?

It’s true: ductwork leaks allow that delightful chilly air to leave before it reaches its destination.
You remain hot and unpleasant but spend more money to get your ideal temperature. You’ll need to talk with a ducting specialist to resolve this issue.

It might not be easy to identify if you are not a heating and conditioning specialist. If you feel that a technical issue is causing you lack of cold air and you need AC repair in Portland TX or anywhere nearby, contact us at (361) 877-5072 to THAQ provides high-quality air conditioner repair services.