7 Important Guidelines For Split AC Installation


Several factors have to be considered during the installation of the split air conditioner as mentioned below:

Correct Location Of Outdoor Unit:

Install the interior and outdoor split-system units far from bodies of water and direct sunlight to ensure proper cooling. Install the split AC system’s outdoor unit in a clear area where the heat from the condenser may escape without obstruction.

Proper Placement Of Outdoor Unit:

Split AC’s exterior unit must be set down on a flat, hard surface. The compressor, condenser, fan motor, and other essential split AC parts are contained in this unit. The unit will vibrate significantly if it is not on a flat surface, which can cause copper pipes to break, coolant leaks, and compressor and condenser damage. The vibrating device also creates a lot of noise, which could disturb your neighbors as well as you.

Place Of Installation:

Make sure to locate the indoor and outdoor units precisely. You don’t want the air conditioner installed in a location where the cooling won’t work or where it will be extremely cold.

The Correct Tilt Angle Of The Indoor Unit:

Be very careful to give the aluminum bracket a small tilt angle while mounting it to the wall so that the indoor split-AC unit, once installed, will likewise be at a minor angle to allow for unrestricted drainage of collected water from the drain pipe.

Wall Strength

Make sure the wall that will support the indoor unit of the air conditioner is sturdy enough. It ought to be able to withstand the unit’s vibration.

Appropriate Installation Height From The Ground:

For adequate cooling within the room, mount the indoor split AC unit at a height of 7-8 feet above the ground. A height of 7-8 feet above the ground is suggested in a space with a ceiling height of 10 feet for the best cooling. By doing this, the cool air will be diffused evenly throughout the space. Additionally, it makes sure that the air conditioner is not working too hard to cool the warm roof, which would result in a rise in your electricity costs.


It is advised that there be at least 10 to 15 cm of open space around the top and sides of the split AC indoor unit. For proper airflow, this is necessary. It could be more difficult to release heat if the airflow is restricted. Your air conditioner’s operating costs will go up as a result. Additionally, the compressor could get hurt.

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