Get to Know Your AC Better

ACs have become a necessity in every household with the increasing heat during the summers. Generally, during the summer, there are ACs installed in almost every home. Like all other appliances, air conditioners need maintenance from time to time for their smooth functioning.

There are four main components in an air conditioning system:

  • Evaporator
  • Compressor
  • Condenser
  • Expansion valve
After passing through several evaporation processes of warm air, compression to liquid and condensing to liquid freon gas is responsible for maintaining the desired temperature set by the user. There are various reasons if your AC is not functioning properly.

Some of Them are Listed Below:

1. AC low on Gas

One of the reasons your AC isn’t functioning well is that the AC is low on refrigerant gas. It sometimes goes unnoticed, and you try to find solutions without knowing the exact problem. Here are the things that sign toward low gas in the AC:

  • Cooling time: An AC takes a fixed time to get a room temperature to the desired value. If this time is more than the average time taken, maybe it is running out of gas; you need to get it checked by a specialist.

  • Ice formation on coils: The refrigerant gas is present in the copper coils of the evaporator. Due to low gas, the coils get chilled up, and there may be a build-up of ice in the evaporator coils.

  • Hissing sound: The AC may produce a hissing sound that is continuous but colorless and odorless. This is produced due to gas leaks that can sometimes be undetected in the AC system.

  • Ampere rating: Every electrical equipment is rated and works around that in normal conditions. Thereby, a technician can check if the current rating is around the value or not. If it is less, it can be a sign of low gas.

  • Bills: It is the most convenient way to check if AC is going well or not. Low gas can force AC to deliver more in unideal conditions and therefore, it can take a toll on the savings.

Other than these, other factors also contribute to the discomfort and you have to compromise. There are other problems, like dirty air filters, electrical components like compressor and condenser failure, drainage problems like algae coagulation in the pipes, and sensor problems. AC maintenance should be scheduled at least twice a year to be checked by a specialist.

2. Delivering Quality

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