Why Does My AC Compressor Stop After a Few Minutes?

In places where the temperature can soar up to 98 degrees, air conditioners are a blessing during Texas’s hottest summer months. Even when the sun shines relentlessly, the home is kept cool. But sometimes, while the entire unit might be doing just fine, the compressor can suddenly stop after only a few minutes of cooling action.

A term called the “short-cycle” has occurred if this process keeps repeating. A short cycle happens when the air conditioning unit compressor turns on or off frequently, and it is usually a sign of internal unit damage.

Here are a few reasons why short cycling may occur-

  • There is a clogged air filter
  • Wiring and electrical mishaps
  • The evaporator coil has frozen

The article lists some reasons why the AC compressor might keep stopping and solutions to fix the problems.

The unit has been overheated

The unit may start overheating if there is a buildup of dirt or sludge inside it. Once it has reached a dangerous temperature, the unit shall turn off to increase its longevity and avoid a power-cut.

Since sludge or grime buildup is not uncommon in cooling systems, the compressor should be cleaned with a dry cloth at the earliest to keep it from breaking down completely. If the situation seems dire, AC service Corpus Christi and AC replacement in Corpus Christi, Texas, should be contacted.

The electrical wiring are unstable

There may be a problem with the electrical wiring of the house. Apart from the risk of causing damage to the compressor, this problem can cause extreme damage to the entire home and endanger lives.

It is best to check twice all the broken electrical wiring or loose cables connected to the cooling systems before turning the compressor manually.

The thermostat temperature reading

The thermostat is responsible for increasing or decreasing the air conditioner’s temperature. If it is placed in areas that receive extra sunlight, or direct cold air, it can give an inaccurate temperature reading and consequently adjust the unit’s temperature. Once that is reached, the compressor shall turn on or off accordingly.

It is advisable to check the furnace unit responsible for heating the house. If needed, there might be a need to call furnace repairing services.

Lack of unit maintenance and servicing

Regular maintenance of any electrical unit is essential, especially those frequently used for extended, standard amounts of time. An air conditioner requires proper servicing at least once a year or twice a year in hotter places.

If there seem to be none of the inherent problems mentioned above, the compressor needs either servicing or a complete change.

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