How Do You Change the Filter of Your Goodman Air Conditioning System?

Homeowners in the United States of America pay around $29 billion a year on electricity bills related to air conditioning. That’s a significant sum of money to keep your household cool! However, when AC filters aren’t performing at their best, your electricity bills will skyrocket further. In such a scenario, call an expert technician for Goodman air conditioner repair near you and ask them to replace your AC’s filter.

Replacing an air filter is simple. But first, you’ll need to figure out where the AC filter is mounted. That’s the tricky part since it may be in a variety of ways. The filters in some devices are housed in the return air duct. This is the one that removes air from your room back into the air handler machine of your air conditioner.

Check Out the Filter’s Position

Finding the filters in a large structure of many air handlers and return ducts can be difficult for someone without practice. You might want to get in touch with a technician. For that, all you need to do is search for ‘Goodman air conditioner repair near me’ on Google.

It’s also likely that the air filter is housed in or near the furnace’s blower system. This is common in case the heating and air conditioning systems share the same ducts. If that’s the case, it’s generally at the front bottom of the furnace. Follow the steps mentioned below to carry out a smooth filter removal operation.

  • You may even see and view the filter without opening it, or
  • You may need to open the metal panel on the front or top of the blower. Generally, the metal panel is labeled “Filter” on its surface. 
  • Hooks or screws are generally used to secure the panel. In that regard, you will need the necessary equipment to remove the screws.

Finding the Right Filter

The other potentially tricky aspect is ensuring that you use the appropriate filters. The filter size is usually written on the filter’s edge. Again, it’s safe to ask your HVAC technician to get you the correct filters or show you the filter’s size detail so you can order them yourself.

Also, bear in mind that you should invest in HEPA filters with a MERV rating of 10 or higher. This is necessary to keep the air quality in your room in top-notch condition. These filters help in eliminating pollen, mold, and other unhealthy pollutants.

Change the Filter

Follow the DIY steps mentioned below to change the filter of your Goodman air conditioning system:

  • Wear gloves and masks
  • Turn off the device’s power
  • Remove the existing filter
  • Dispose of safely
  • Insert the new filter

Consult With Professionals

Your safest choice is to inquire with your HVAC technician. Tell him you’d like to learn how to adjust the AC filter. He’ll show you where the filter is, how to uninstall it and replace it, and where to find the correct filters for your setup. This will make your job much easier and convenient. For those who are busy, hiring someone who offers AC service in Corpus Christi, TX, is the best remedy.