Ways to Reset Your Goodman AC Compressor

You might want to reboot the system by looking for the reset button before calling an HVAC service provider for Goodman air conditioning repair service. Because of the protective circuit breaker, which prevents explosions or fires in the event of a power loss, this is the situation.

If testing the circuit breakers or fuses does not solve the problem with your Goodman air conditioner, you may use the reset button to perform a short system reboot. Your air conditioner will resume regular operation if you press this button. 

What is the Placement of the Goodman AC Unit Reset Button?

A reset button will be found on Goodman air conditioning systems, just like any other air conditioner. The AC reset button is usually a red rubber button that is relatively small. On a Goodman air conditioner unit, the reset button should be located near where the tubing is welded on the unit. This high-pressure switch will trip if the device gets too hot, ensuring the coil is clean. It should clearly be labeled as a RESET BUTTON. Due to a power loss, you may want to reset your Goodman air conditioner.

How Do you Restart a Goodman Air Conditioner?

Locate the circuit breaker corresponding to your Goodman air conditioner system in your electrical power service panel. You can take professional help for Goodman air conditioning repair service.

When you’ve located the Goodman AC reset button, press and hold it for around 20 seconds before releasing it. If the air conditioner does not turn on or does not kick on, repeat the process.  

If your Goodman air conditioner is still not operating correctly, you may have a problem with your power source or a dirty filter. 

If the AC is tripping the circuit breaker repeatedly or is slow to create cold air, you’re dealing with more severe issues. Power surges may be caused by faulty connections or exposed wires inside the air conditioning system, and the AC reset button continues tripping. 

These circumstances pose a safety concern for resetting and, over time, may cause damage to your Goodman air conditioner.

What If your Device Lacks a Reset Button?

Some air conditioners don’t have a reset button, so you’ll have to reset the device manually. The lack of a reset button is because people like constantly pressing them. It is referred to as a kill switch. Locate the power switch near your outside compressor unit and turn it off. Locate the circuit breaker. This may be found in your home’s main electrical panel. Please turn it off. Unplug your machine from the power supply board to verify it is entirely powerless. 

Allow at least 15–30 minutes for it to be disconnected and shut off. Make sure your device is cool before reconnecting it to the power source. Reconnect the circuit and the power shutoff near the compressor outdoors. In some cases, you should not attempt to repair your Air Conditioner independently. You should seek expert help for Goodman air conditioner repair near me in these situations! 

Resetting your Goodman air conditioner is a common remedy to your difficulty. If your air conditioner has to be restarted regularly, it may be time to call a professional for Goodman air conditioner repair near me. Call Temperature Humidity Air Quality Solutions at 361-287-7032 or drop us a mail here.