Should I Replace My Furnace?

Should I Replace My Furnace? | Temperature Humidity Air Quality Solutions

Should I Replace My Furnace?

Another question that we hear often is “Should I Replace My Furnace?”. The answer really depends on a few factors like age of the system, efficiency rating, frequency of breakdowns, and the effect the current unit has on your electric bill. We recommend setting up an appointment with our experts so we can walk through what you are currently experiencing and come up with a solution. Sometimes it is more cost effective to just repair the unit, other times it makes more sense to replace the entire thing.

Load Calculations

If you do choose to replace we perform load calculations to make sure that you are getting the exact size unit that your home needs. It’s not exactly one size fits all when it comes to HVAC equipment. You could end up spending a lot more money that you need to by purchasing the wrong size. You may end up having to replace way earlier than you expected to. THAQ Solutions spends a lot of time correcting what other HVAC companies and DIY homeowners have done in the past. While the system can be rigged, it’s obviously not ideal!

Furnace Financing

One thing that may surprise you about your furnace is that the monthly payment is oftentimes what you are already spending on your electric bills already while you’re sitting there cold. Keep warm with a new furnace and you won’t be out a huge bundle of money if you choose to finance your equipment. So “Should I Replace My Furnace?”, maybe – Let’s discuss together and go over the options.

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