Tips to Know If Your AC Needs to Be Serviced

Homeowners have relied on their air conditioning devices to combat the summer heat and humidity. While maintaining your unit on a bi-annual basis can improve its performance, problems may still arise from time to time. And operating your air conditioner with these problems may lead to more damage, which can lead to expensive repairs, shorter lifespans, and frequent system failures. 

Signs that the AC Needs to be Serviced:

Warm Air

A higher-than-normal indoor temperature is the first clue that anything is amiss with their HVAC system for many residents. Specialists recommend examining the air flowing out of the registers if your house isn’t cooling. Check your thermostat to make sure it’s in the right setting. Don’t waste time-solving the problem yourself if the thermostat appears to be working correctly but you’re still getting heated air. Instead, contact an expert right away for assistance. 

Insufficient Airflow

If your house is typically chilly, yet there isn’t much air coming out of the vents, your air conditioner is most likely having an airflow problem. First and foremost, professionals suggest that you inspect your HVAC air filter. If you don’t replace them every three months, they’ll clog. An outdated air filter can also significantly obstruct optimal airflow. However, if you just updated the air filter, another internal issue might be to fault. 

Alternatively, the ductwork in your HVAC system might have developed a severe break or leak. Knowledgeable service professionals like AC service Corpus Christi will locate the problem ductwork or fix any compressor problems. 

Moisture in Excess

High humidity levels are nothing new to homeowners, but your air conditioner should keep your family’s moisture levels pleasant and healthy. If your home feels humid or sticky suddenly, you may have a severe indoor air quality problem. Experts will see whether your cooling system needs to be re-calibrated to handle humidity or whether a whole-house dehumidifier will benefit your family. 

Utility Costs that are too High

When it’s hot and humid outside, most homeowners know that their power expenses will rise. If your power costs are significantly higher than usual, there’s a fair probability that something has harmed your air conditioner’s effectiveness. It would help if you left air quality concerns to the professionals like air conditioning contractors in Portland, TX

A variety of AC concerns, ranging from defective components and obsolete technology to substantial ducting difficulties, might be contributing to your high energy expenditures. 

Unusual Sounds and Odors

You will undoubtedly notice strange noises and odors emanating from your air conditioner. Specialists recommend contacting for service whenever you sense a musty odor, which might indicate a mold problem, or an electrical smell, which could mean a faulty part or electrical wiring. You should be seeking service if you hear a screaming noise indicating a broken belt, or a grinding noise, indicating a damaged motor bearing. Whatever the issue, our air conditioning contractors in Portland, TX, can cure it while giving your ears and nose a rest. 

Suppose you are unsure whether or not your HVAC system is functioning correctly. In that case, we recommend visiting Temperature Humidity Air Quality Solutions to find the top air conditioning service companies in Portland and Corpus Christi, TX. Call us at 361-287-7032 or drop us a mail to learn more about our AC service in Corpus Christi