How Much Does a Furnace Tune-up Cost 2022?

Furnaces are a long-term investment in today’s era as more and more people continue to purchase superior quality furnaces since they stay for the long haul. However, just like any HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Cooling) system, a furnace needs repairing and has to be maintained well so that it can last for up to 15-20 years smoothly and with fewer damages.

People assume that doing a tune-up is often unnecessary and that only when some part of the furnace is damaged, repair should be done. However, doing regular tune-ups is less expensive than the damage that they do and the entire cost spikes up when your furnace has not been maintained.

On average, furnace tune-ups cost about $90-$200. The average cost of a tune-up is $140. That might be a little expensive, but it is still less as compared to the cost of repairing damages that you pay frequently when the furnace hasn’t been maintained and starts breaking down later. The rising energy bills and the major repair charges in the later stage of the furnace are way more expensive than the maintenance charges you spend in the earlier and middle stages.

Annual servicing of furnaces is necessary irrespective of anything being wrong with the furnace or not. The servicing includes a thorough examination and cleaning of the body parts of a furnace that are likely to not work in the future.

What Does a Furnace Tune-up Include?

  • Examining the system and doing safety checks.
  • Lubricating the essential parts.
  • Altering or mending the electrical components.
  • Cleansing the parts like heat exchanger, combustion chamber, burners, jets, blower motors, and fan.
  • Inspecting and clearing the condensing lines since these lines drain the water generated from combustion
  • along with the condensation that collects on the A/C coil above the furnace.
  • Conducting temperature differential tests, i.e. estimating the temperature of the air going into and leaving the furnace.
  • Executing combustion investigation of the exhaust checking levels of oxygen, carbon monoxide, and carbon dioxide.
  • Studying the ignitor and flame sensor for any damage.
  • Scanning the service valves for any leaks.
  • Evaluation of proper voltage
  • Tightening the belts and pulleys.

Benefits of a Furnace Tune-up

1. Lower energy bills

Doing regular checkups and maintenance of your furnaces lowers your energy and heating bills up to 30%. When a furnace operates smoothly and efficiently, less energy is wasted in supplying the heat and thus, you don’t have to pay hefty energy bills. Simple, regular tune-ups are enough to save your expensive bills.

2. Decreased risk of emergency collapse

Your furnace is less likely to collapse suddenly when heating repairs are done frequently. Imagine your furnace stopped working in the middle of chilly and bitter winters. Now because you don’t live this imagination in reality, performing a tune-up is necessary so that you don’t witness sudden breakdowns and you also don’t have to worry about repairing them immediately.

3. Prolonged furnace lifespan

An average furnace lasts for 12-15 years, however, if maintained and taken care of properly, it can last up to 20 years. This would not only save you the cost of buying a new furnace but also make your long-term investment worth every penny that you spent on it since it would prevent long-term damage. It would also ensure that breakdown repairs are reduced and that your furnace’s lifespan is not only longer but also healthier.

4. Secured safety of household

Furnaces, if not operated safely can be harmful since a defect in the furnace can result in the release of carbon monoxide which is a colorless, odorless, tasteless, and flammable gas that lowers oxygen levels in the blood and deprives the important organs in the body of oxygen. Excessive inhalation of carbon monoxide is fetal. Regular maintenance of a furnace also helps to detect any potential dangers and improves the air quality and thus, make sure you keep doing regular checks of your furnace.

5. Preserving manufacturer’s warranty

Most manufacturers give a warranty of 10-12 years on a furnace so it is necessary to take good care of your furnace so that it runs smoothly beyond its warranty date. If in case, the heating repair of your furnace comes within the warranty period, annual maintenance of the furnace is necessary to get the repair covered within the warranty. If you do not get your maintenance done regularly, the company may refuse to cover your furnace under the warranty.

6. Effective heating

Systematic continuity enhances the overall heating and effectiveness of the furnace. The quality of the furnace is maintained irrespective of its lifespan and that can be achieved only through scheduling frequent tune-ups.

Signs That Your Furnace May Need a Tune-up

As mentioned earlier, typically a furnace must be checked at least once a year. If any of these signs are visible, it is advisable to have them checked sooner.

  • Depletion in the comfort level of the house
  • Decrease in the air quality
  • Abnormal noises
  • Yellow pilot lighting
  • Reduction in the airflow

It is equally important to undertake your tune-ups from a trusted and professional service as it is to do your tune-ups on time. Taking services from an ordinary company would not benefit your furnace and not make a very huge difference since you would have to do the same work over and over again due to the damage not being resolved properly. For this purpose, we have got your back. T.H.A.Q. (Temperature, Humidity, Air, and Quality) Solutions is your go-to for all the HVAC services. Our experience in our services is the reason we have a large number of contented customers. Get your furnace and heating repairs done from us.

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