How Do You Fix A Delayed Ignition On A Furnace?

Delayed ignition is generally followed by a loud banging or booming sound in your gas appliance that sounds like a bit of explosion. This may be scary in your New Britain home’s furnace and should never be disregarded. It’s reasonable to be concerned if your heating system makes loud and explosive noises.

Here’s what you need to know about furnace delayed ignition and whether or not you should hire a heating professional at our heating repair in Corpus Christi to inspect your heating system.

Delayed Ignition: What Causes It?

Delayed ignition occurs when you initially switch on your furnace, generally after a lengthy period of inactivity, so early in the autumn or late in the spring when you aren’t using it every day of the week.

Moisture collects in the firebox of your furnace after a period of nonaction and starts to erode it. Corrosion accumulates to the point that it obstructs the gas supply ports to the burners. When these ports get clogged, the burners farther down the line cannot ignite, and they do not light promptly when the switch is turned on.

While rust and corrosion are a concern, lint and dust may also be an issue (and are more likely if your furnace isn’t cleaned each autumn correctly). The sulfur buildup is also possible since it is released when natural gas is used. It will show as a film of white on the burners’ or pilot light’s surface.

When all of this occurs and the ports aren’t thoroughly cleaned, gas will build up in the chamber after it’s switched on, causing a little boom sound when it eventually ignites. It doesn’t simply sound like an explosion; it is one, and it may become quite hazardous if ignored.

Booming Sound in the Furnace

The sound is an indication for delaying the timely ignition of the gas jets, resulting in a rapid ignition of more flammable gas than typical. It isn’t how the furnace is designed to work and may even lead to possible safety issues.

Resolving the Issue

It’s simple to prevent an issue like delayed furnace activation. You have to get your furnace thoroughly cleaned each autumn before turning it on. A heating professional from our heating repair in Corpus Christi will clean the burners and ports, removing any dust, lint, rust, or sulfur buildup that might prevent ignition or create a delay.

When it’s time to replace your furnace, search for one made of corrosion-resistant materials; a technician from our HVAC repair in Corpus Christi can tell you more about these options when it’s time to replace your furnace. Above everything, use caution. It may seem to be a minor issue, but that little boom may quickly grow into a major one if left unchecked.

All it takes is to have your gas furnace inspected and cleaned by expert HVAC specialists before each heating season, usually in the autumn. This will reduce the chance of gas buildup by preventing rust and dirt from building within your furnace. Regular furnace maintenance may avoid or eliminate the majority of furnace issues. THAQ Solutions is an HVAC repair in Corpus Christi, is the best option if looking for a dependable HVAC provider. Just Call (361) 877-5072.