Signs It is Time to Replace the Old Furnace

Furnace owners are blessed with unmatched heating and exceptional comfort no matter the temperature drop outdoors. Modern heat pumps and other appliances tend to be less efficient as temperatures near the freezing point but not a traditional furnace. Like any other machine, a furnace’s efficiency and performance degrades over time too.

A furnace typically lasts anywhere between 10-15 years. Some may even run seamlessly for up to 20 years but not without an exemplary maintenance record. As it nears its final years, a furnace begins to show signs that warrant a furnace replacement in the immediate future. We have put together a few common signs for you to identify and schedule a furnace or heat pump tune-up Aransas pass early on.

1. Age of the Furnace

The older the furnace gets, the more problems it tends to face. Routine maintenance helps keep such operational anomalies in check, but such preventive measures do not bear many results after ten years of constant use. As your furnace or heat pump nears 15 years, it will show more signs of inefficiency, indicating a replacement as soon as possible.

2. A Rise in Energy Bills

A heating system’s efficiency drops in every year of its operation. It is normal for any heat pump or furnace. The drop can also be slowed or regulated with regular maintenance. However, suppose you have been noticing a steady rise in your energy bills recently and cannot pinpoint any specific reason behind it. In that case, it’s possible that your heating system is causing the spike and is turning old.

3. Frequent Repairs and Breakdowns

A heating system reaching its end stages will break down very often, calling for frequent repairs and services. Usually, a heating system should run smoothly without any hindrance or breakdowns throughout the season. Furthermore, an early maintenance service also eradicates any breakdowns throughout the season. If you had to schedule several heat pump repairs Robstown in a short period, your heat pump or furnace might be getting old.

4. Noticeably Loud Noises

Operational humming is normal for any heating system, whether a furnace or a heat pump. However, an unknown banging, knocking, or clunking that becomes more apparent over time can signify an aging heating system. If maintenance services do not trace the noise to any specific source, it is wise to consider a replacement.

5. Drop-in Air Quality

Regular filter replacement and cleaning should keep your household dust-free and breathable. Visible signs of dust or soot near registers or a drop in air quality indicate a failing blower motor or heat exchanger, which are signs of an aging appliance.

6. Inefficient or Uneven Heating

Inefficient or uneven heat distribution can have several causes, such as duct leaks, gas supply issues, and, of course, an aging appliance. If technicians do not trace the cause to other factors, your heating system may be getting old.

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