Why Does Heat Pump Run Constantly In Winter?

If an HVAC company suggests repairing your air conditioning or heating system, it may be easy to ignore the advice. Unless you have a dangerous problem with your cooling or heating system (for example, no heat in the middle of winter), you may be convinced to delay calling a technician. Even if your system operated well last season, it is still recommended that you take the time to provide maintenance for the upcoming season.

Likewise, car maintenance and regular HVAC maintenance in Aransas Pass, are very important to prevent repairs and other problems in the future. Temperature Humidity Air Quality Solutions is available for you when you are ready for maintenance and repair. In the meantime, continue reading to learn more.

Let's Understand HVAC Maintenance

Many heating and air conditioning companies provide this service, but the level of professionalism varies. Heat pump technicians in Portland TX generally have a checklist of items that need to be looked over, tested, cleaned, and adjusted for cooling or heating equipment during the season. This level of maintenance goes beyond simple tasks you need to do yourself every few months, such as replacing the air filter or making sure the outdoor unit is free from obstructions.

During HVAC maintenance visits, our experts may make adjustments to help improve system performance and efficiency. However, a component will likely fail or cause serious problems with the HVAC system, and a service appointment may be required to have the parts needed to be repaired or replaced.

Well, When Will Be The Ideal Time?

The best time to schedule maintenance service is preventative maintenance. Therefore, it is recommended that you schedule an appointment as soon as possible when it comes to heating systems. Spring is usually the best time for air conditioning. During this time, HVAC professionals are less likely to be overwhelmed with emergency calls and will be more available for maintenance. How often you schedule maintenance services matters, too. Get your HVAC system inspected by a professional once a year. Whether you have a standard central air conditioner, furnace, or anything else annually. a year-round heat pump system needs service every six months.

Improve Comfort And Security

One of the main reasons for scheduling HVAC maintenance annually is convenience. Air conditioning systems have become less and less effective and efficient over the years. Components wear out through natural wear, just like a vehicle.

Maintenance also protects you, this is very true for gas heating systems. A cracked heat exchanger can lead to problems, such as high concentrations of carbon monoxide gas presenting a fire hazard. But, maintenance will alert you to small problems before it is more serious.


Waiting for the right time for maintenance services? There isn’t a perfect time for maintenance services. Actually, every small issue can be a wake-up call for booking HVAC maintenance with Temperature Humidity Air Quality Solutions. Our experts are available any time you need them. It is always best to take action at initial warning signs. You can book your appointment by giving us a call at (361) 287 7032.