Factors To Consider Before Installing An AC System

AC’s are a one-time investment for years of comfort. Once you choose the wrong AC for your house or office, you will have to face the disadvantages soon. If your AC needs frequent repair, you have invested in the wrong AC.

Drawbacks of Installing a Wrong AC Unit

  • Unsatisfactory cooling
  • Need for often repair service
  • Higher energy consumption
  • The problem of loud and annoying noises
  • Short lifespan

For AC installation and ac inspection in OdemTHAQ Solutions is a wise choice. Before installing the new AC unit, you need to be aware of several factors:

Things to Consider Before Installing an AC System:

Type and Feature

We see the most common AC types are split AC systems and window AC. The split system AC is an ideal choice for homes and larger areas. On the other hand, Window ACs are usually preferred for offices. However, they are easy to install and less expensive than split AC. Your AC should also have an efficient filter and ductwork to get the best air quality and prevent leakage of harmful refrigerants.


We usually think that a bigger AC size means better cooling, but this is not so true. The efficiency of an AC does not depend on its size only, the size of the room where it will be placed also matters. You should also consider the energy consumption of your AC unit as the cooling depends on AC power. Calculate the size of your room and the required size that suits the room carefully.


The location determines the lifespan of your AC. One should not place their AC in an area where direct sunlight can reach. The location should also be free of any obstruction.

Trustworthy Brand

Always look for the reviews and reliability of the brand. Installing an AC manufactured by a well-known brand guarantees you the best comfort, wide variety, reasonable price range, and durability.

Energy Efficiency

An energy efficiency label is on the front side of almost all large electronic gadgets. You will find one on your AC unit also. Your AC should not consume too much power, leading to the wastage of energy, overheating, and an unexpected increase in electric bills. Check the energy efficiency rate to find out which is the most efficient AC.


Your budget decides your choice, but there is no need to compromise on the quality even if you have a low budget. A popular brand offers a wide variety at different prices that suit everyone’s budget.


Generally, an AC requires servicing twice a year. Appoint an AC service company consisting of experts only for your AC maintenance.

Installation Technician

The AC installation company should be certified and experienced. An inexperienced technician will install your AC inaccurately, causing multiple risks for you. Look for the best AC service company in your area.

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