How To Reset A Furnace Using The Furnace Reset Button?

The use of furnaces is increasing every year. Its maintenance has to be ensured for proper working. The HVAC repair services in Corpus Christi are here to help you and your machine in case of any problems. Here we explain one of the most common needs of every user- how to reset a furnace with the help of the furnace reset button?

What Is The Furnace Reset Button?

The furnace reset button is located inside the blower section in every type of furnace. You can usually see it in red or yellow color. It acts as a safety feature in HVAC systems to prevent fire and other disasters. Being a safety button, it is easily visible. It automatically shuts down the furnace if it senses a fault in the system.

How To Use The Reset Button For Various Types Of Furnaces?

The furnace reset button automatically pops out whenever there is an interruption in the system, such as insufficient gas supply or overheating blower. The button needs to be pushed back to restart the furnace. Different types of furnaces have a particular set of steps to be followed for the safe working of the system.

  • Electric Furnace

Switch off the main electric source of the furnace before working with the reset button. Carefully press the furnace reset button until it clicks. You can now switch on the main electric source. The furnace would soon start working.

  • Gas Furnace

Turn off the pilot lights and power supply (if any). The thermostat should be brought to its lowest settings. Bring a lit match or lighter in front of the pilot jet. For sealed compartments, press the red button repeatedly until the pilot starts. You can now turn on the power and the main gas supply. For roughly 30 seconds, press and hold the reset button. Bring the thermostat back to its earlier settings.

  • Oil Furnace

If there is an issue with the power, it can be solved by simply pressing the reset button. If the issue is with the oil supply, put a big enough container under the bleeder valve. With the power on, let the fuel flow through the valve until there is a steady stream with no air. Now press the reset button that triggers the furnace to restart. After this, close the bleeder valve.

Possible Troubles That Might Occur While Dealing With Furnace Reset Button

Sometimes, the reset button pops out frequently. The possible reasons for various furnaces may be:

  • Dirty Air Filter.
  • Dirty Flame Sensor.
  • Clogged Fuel Line
  • Overheated Furnace

You can replace, clean, unclog and cool the systems for the above issues.

The HVAC system is popular yet has a lot of technical aspects for its working and repair. The user must have complete knowledge about the system and its components before working at its technical level. Otherwise, look up the internet for a Goodman HVAC technician near me to have before you a list of professionals to help you with your system.

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