How To Reset A Goodman Air Conditioner?

Goodman Manufacturing Company is well known for its commercial and residential ventilating, heating, and air conditioning system manufacturing. The company was founded in 1954 and had been producing high-quality, affordable, and easy-to-use products since then.

If you happen to face any issues with the air conditioner, try resetting it quickly, as this tip will help solve most of the problems. If that doesn’t work, there is always a way to schedule one Goodman air conditioning repair service.

Reasons Why Your AC is Not Working

If your Goodman air conditioner is not working, it might be because of a problem with your power supply. A dirty and clogged air filter could be another reason. If you find the air conditioner tripping the circuit breaker is producing cold air slower than normal, there might be many critical problems. Immediately call for Goodman HVAC repair near me before the problem escalates.

Loose connections or exposed wires that should be inside the air conditioner will cause power surges and keep tripping your air conditioner’s reset button. When left unattended, these conditions will cause safety risks for resetting and, over time, will cause severe harm to your air conditioner. Fortunately, the Goodman air conditioning repair services can provide you with the required solutions on time.

Many air conditioner problems will not be resolved after resetting. Only browsing for Goodman HVAC repair near me and scheduling a maintenance visit will solve these issues. Not just the safety of the device, but your safety can be guaranteed when you find Goodman HVAC service near me and book an expert appointment to reset your device.

The Reset Button

If you want to reset the Goodman AC unit, then knowing the location of the reset button will reduce all the hassle. This resetting will let you reboot the system if the unit is causing any trouble. The reset button is usually the red-colored small-sized one that has a reset button marked on it.

The location of the “Reset button” on the air conditioner is on the outdoor unit near the area where the tubing is welded. This switch might trip because of the high pressure, so be careful to check the coil for dirt and debris.

Why Reset Your Thermostat?

You should consider resetting your air conditioner because it not only reboots the system and makes it function efficiently but also resolves most of the power outage problems. The air conditioner might not completely turn on because of the circuit breakers’ protection to prevent fires and explosions. Resetting will solve this problem.

If you find your air conditioner not working, the first thing you should do is try resetting it. In most cases, resetting will enable your system to run smoothly. Search for any damages in the circuit breakers or fuses. Reset them after five minutes letting your system cool down first.

Sometimes the air conditioner units don’t come with an inbuilt reset button. This is mostly because people tend to push the button repeatedly. Therefore, for these types, you have to reset the system manually. Follow these steps, and you’ll be resetting the device in no time.

  • Step 1

Find the electrical service panel. This is usually a metal box that is found in the basement, laundry rooms, or garages. Then search for the circuit breaker. Be cautious while searching as you have to identify the circuit breaker that is associated with your Goodman air conditioner.

  • Step 2

Once you have found the circuit breaker that is related to your Goodman air conditioner, flip it off. Wait for a minute before starting the next step. This is to properly ensure that the circuit breaker stopped working and cooled down completely.

  • Step 3

After a minute of flipping the circuit breaker off, turn it back on. It should reset your device. You can always look for a Goodman HVAC service near me and forget about your HVAC problems while a professional works on them.

Once you have finished with the steps, you have successfully reset your Goodman air conditioner. Resetting the AC is often the solution to most of the HVAC problems you are facing. However, having to reset the device more frequently only means that there is a problem with the device and needs Goodman air conditioning repair service.

Tips to Identify Issues in Your Goodman Heat Pump

There could be issues with your Goodman heat pump too. Most of the time, restarting will solve all your heat pump problems. Some heat pumps require to be restarted at low temperatures. For these types of heat pumps, you need to go through the owner’s manual.

Other models have a system selector switch. In these types, you have to switch to emergency and then verify after six to seven hours. Later, switch the heat back to normal.

The heat should automatically come on at the set temperature on the thermostat. If that does not happen, you might have blown a fuse or tripped a circuit breaker. It is time to get serious and call for help when,

  • The heat pump won’t run
  • If the heat pump is not heating or cooling properly
  • If the device trips the breaker or freezes up
  • The blower of Goodman’s heat pump stops running. This condition could occur mostly because of issues
  • with the limit switch on the heat pump or the wall-mounted thermostat.
  • If there are groaning, buzzing, or other unusual sounds
  • If the airflow is weak, it has bad air quality.

In most cases, dirty coils, refrigerant leaks, blown fuses, frost or ice build-up in the outdoor unit, and a faulty thermostat are the reasons why your heat pump is malfunctioning.

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