What To Do If The Compressor Of AC Is Not Working?

When you are planning to buy an AC for your home or workplace, you need to make sure that it fits your budget. Most often than not, the maintenance of AC costs more money than buying it. You can take the help of AC installation in Corpus Christi, TX, if you are buying AC for the first time.

After all, AC is also a machine, and it is bound to break down at some point or the other when its lifecycle is finished. However, if you want to extend the use of the HVAC system, it is advised by the experts to take care of the compressor. It is one of the most critical components of air conditioning.

Signs of AC compressor not working

There is no need to worry too much if your AC compressor has stopped working; there are solutions to repair it. However, the signs must be timely noticed to prevent the damage from being done. Following are general signs which means that your AC compressor needs repair or replacement:

●      Ineffective room cooling

If the AC is providing disrupted cooling, even when the condenser runs, it may mean that the compressor has shut down. Multiple interruptions in cooling mean that the compressor is not able to pump out the heat and pass the refrigerants properly.

●      Strange noises from compressor

When the compressor starts making loud noises that are not made when properly functioning, it may mean that it has been damaged due to various unforeseen reasons. The damaged compressor is unable to flow the refrigerant and hence causes such strange loud noises.

Reasons behind dysfunctional AC compressor

There are various reasons due to which the AC compressor becomes dysfunctional. However, these reasons must be eliminated if you want to continue using the same HVAC system.

Furthermore, most of the damage is done inside the indoor AC unit. Hence, it should be dealt with by calling for AC repair Corpus Christi TX. Following are the causes of compressor failures:

  • Bad refrigerant charge
  • Blocked suction lines
  • Clogged coils
  • Electrical failures
  • Indirect drain size
  • Several contaminants in the system

Preventing the failure of AC compressor

Various measures must be taken from time to time to prevent any damage to the AC compressor since it forms a significant portion of the AC unit.

●      Maintenance and servicing

Common signs of a tripped circuit breaker like a fuse blown, dirty or clogged air filters, or a broken thermostat can be noticed early and eliminated with proper maintenance. Every HVAC system requires maintenance at least twice a year.

●      Regular repairs

Whenever you notice a malfunction in the compressor, immediately call a technician to repair the malfunction. They may also suggest replacements if the components of AC are beyond repair.

You can check and fix the problem of troubleshooting or compressor failure with our professional technicians. Temperature Humidity Air Quality Solutions believes in providing premium services with various payment options for its customers. You can call us at (361) 877-5072 to get more information regarding compressor failures.