How to Troubleshoot a Goodman Air Conditioner?

Goodman HVAC systems, air conditioners, heat pumps, furnaces, etc. are all mechanical devices. Like many other mechanical devices, these devices might also develop problems at some point in time. For some problems in these systems, DIY troubleshooting helps. But if the problem is a grave and serious one, it is good to get in touch with a professional offering Goodman air conditioning repair service.

Troubleshooting a Goodman Air Conditioner

Like all air conditioning systems, the Goodman air conditioning system has a compressor, which is usually outdoors and a coil, which is indoors. The coil is mainly placed on top of the furnace. A refrigerant gas is pumped by the compressor for cooling the air and for dehumidification. Moisture and heat are also removed from the air inside the home. The warm air circulates above the indoor coil and is pumped outside the house. Cool air is pumped inside, making the house/room cool and comfortable.

With regular usage or with lack of servicing and maintenance, the compressor of the Goodman air conditioner or HVAC system might fail. Before you look for Goodman HVAC repair near me, try troubleshooting the air conditioner or the HVAC system on your own. In many cases, the problem gets solved with such efforts quite easily.

Steps of Troubleshooting Goodman Air Conditioning System

Mentioned below are the steps which you have to try for troubleshooting the Goodman air conditioning system:

  • First and foremost, go into your house and check the place where the thermostat is kept. Now make adjustments to the thermostat, which controls the heating and cooling system of the Goodman HVAC. Check the settings on the thermostat. It should be on the ‘cool’ setting. The setting of temperature is also an important thing. It should be set to a lower setting than the current temperature that prevails in the room.
  • When you have an HVAC system or an air conditioner installed in your home, you will have a circuit breaker box for sure. Reach the place where this box is located in the house. Check all the breakers minutely and ensure that the circuit which is for the compressor of the AC has not tripped off. In case the circuit breaker has tripped, there is a short circuit somewhere.
  • Turn off the breaker for the compressor and remove the cover from the compressor. Switch off power to the compressor. Look minutely to see if there is any kind of charring or damage in the motor, fan or any wiring inside.
  • Very carefully turn the compressor fan with your fingers and see that it rotates. In case the fan seems stuck, it is best to get it replaced.
  • Debris and dust accumulation is common in the unit. Dust and dirt are also seen sometimes on the coil or condenser fan. This might lead to blockage in airflow.

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