Why is My AC Leaking Water?

Why is My AC Leaking Water? | THAQ Solutions

Why is my AC leaking water?

Air conditioners require regular inspections to make sure they’re working adeptly. Older air conditioners are more prone to problems like leakages. The worst thing to do if you’ve noticed a water leakage in your AC is to ignore it. Here are some simple steps to take if you are having this problem.

Step 1: Turn off your unit

Whether it’s a constant dripping of water or a few droplets every few minutes, the first thing you must do is turn off your AC. Mop up all the water on the floor to ensure you don’t slip. Place a small bucket or a large container where you notice the leakage and try to determine how fast the water is leaking. Faster the dripping, the bigger the problem your AC might be having.

Step 2: Turn off power

If your AC unit is portable, remove any plug connecting it to the power supply. Turn off all the buttons that provide your system with electricity – regardless of it being solar or not.

Step 3: Determine the source of the problem.

Air conditioners might be delicate units, but they don’t have a long list of problems. Leakages are usually caused by one of the five reasons given below.

  1. Clogging or accumulation of dirt in pipe, pumps, or coils.
  2. Wear and tear of the unit result in rust accumulation and leads to holes in the part.
  3. Frozen coils due to insufficient airflow
  4. Refrigerant leakage due to accumulation which results in pressure building and pipe bursting.
  5. Disconnection of the draining pipe

Avoid opening the unit to investigate the source of the problem. While this is something that can be done at home, opening the air conditioning unit can also cause additional problems. If you do have hands-on experience with repairing a problem, only then should you do it yourself.

Step 4: Call a technician

Calling a technician should be your priority. Instead of trying a DIY Youtube video, call a technician who has experience in HVAC problem-solving. HVAC installation and repair requires special licensing in the USA, and therefore, all technicians who provide professional service and are equipped appropriately to solve the problem for you.

Corpus Christi AC Repair Team

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