Is it Better To Leave The Doors Open or Closed For Your Air Conditioner?

Closing the doors to your rooms cannot help you increase your air conditioner’s efficiency. This is a very common myth that a lot of households follow. Unfortunately, closing doors only increases your monthly energy bills.

The air conditioner in your home gives out cool air. The cool air is heavier than the warm air and therefore settles towards the floor. The air conditioner can then suck in this warm air. This ensures the room is cooled evenly. However, if you close the door to each room, the air is trapped inside. This means that it will suck in air that is already cool and try to cool it down further. Therefore, the temperature won’t be reduced, and at the same time, energy is still used.

This one common, simple myth can make a major difference in your monthly bills. Therefore, after consulting with air conditioning services in Port Aransas, TX we’ve created a master list of common AC myths.

Common AC Myths To Stay Away From


  • Myth 1 – Closing the vents in unused rooms cools your home faster

Truth – It hinders the cooling cycle of your air conditioning unit and causes the AC to work inefficiently. You may notice a slightly decreased energy bill, but it will also reduce the lifecycle of your air conditioner.

  • Myth 2 – The bigger the AC unit, the better it will be

Truth – The size of your air conditioner and its efficiency depend entirely upon the size of your home. If you don’t factor in the size of your home and the number of rooms in your home, you may have an over or undercooled home. Consult with a technician who provides AC installation in Port Aransas, TX В to find the right size.

  • Myth 3 – The thermostat should be set on the lowest setting

Truth – Setting your thermostat to the lowest temperature overloads your system. If you wish to cool your home, reduce the temperature by 1-2 degrees every half hour. Ideally, your thermostat should not be set lower than 78F. Lowering the temperature below this can cause lasting harm.

  • Myth 4 – Maintenance, repair, and tune-up are all different names of the same service

Truth – No, each service has a different purpose! Maintenance service is used to make sure there is nothing wrong with your air conditioner. A tune-up service is often called if you want to prepare your AC for the upcoming heatwave. Repair service will fix any problem or broken part you may have.

  • Myth 5 – Thermostat placement doesn’t matter

Truth – The placement of your thermostat makes a huge difference. If it is located near units that generate hot air like ovens, microwaves, and furnaces, they can’t detect the temperature accurately. Place your thermostat in the center of your home, away from any heating or cooling units.

Consulting with a good technician will help you find a good air conditioning unit for your home. We can help you with that. Temperature Humidity Air Quality (THAQ) Services specializes in HVAC units. Look for an air conditioning repair in Port Aransas, TX В or call us on (361)-287-7032.